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Grooves Recording Studio- Miami, FL

Grooves Recording Studio- Miami, FL - 4.3 out of 5 based on 32 votes
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Achieve incredible sound with your music project with Goran Rista at Grooves Recording Studio, located in NW Miami, FL.


What makes the difference between good results and great results is attention to detail. That's what sets us apart.

Critical ear for detail coupled with discerning taste in music consistently delivers powerful results. While important technical aspects of your production are being taken care of, you are free to focus solely on creating your music. We know good sound and will make sure capture the full spectrum of your music performance!

Get personal attention your music deserves!


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Smart Recording Studio Design


Studio layout of Grooves Recording Studio

Unique layout of the studio has been designed to achieve more with less.

It consists of the Main Recording Room, the Live Recording Room and 2 auxiliary tracking rooms. Combination of those can be configured to achieve various functions.

The Main Room and the Live Room are connected/separated together by means of 9 foot glass sliding doors. They enable full visual contact while providing acoustical isolation when needed.

View from drum set in the main room towards the live room.
View from the drum set in the main room of Grooves Recording Studio
When opened, the doors enable for recording of natural acoustical ambiance during drum tracking resulting in spectacular drum tracks.
A couple of dedicated mics are placed in the live room recording the ambiance, thus allowing further control during the mix down process.
The Main room of Grooves Recording Studio, Miami, Fl.

The Main Room is used for mixing and as a control room for tracking. It is also used as a drum studio in conjunction with the live room. The room acoustics have been carefully designed by world renown acoustician Ross Alexander and were customized to provide impeccable audio playback in mixing position, while providing rich and controlled acoustics for drum tracking.


The Live Room can accommodate any instrumentalist or vocalist for tracking, while being monitored from the live room. Entire band can be tracked here, as drummer is isolated in the main room while keeping full visual and aural contact.


The 2 Auxiliary Rooms provide further convenience by being able to separate audio sources such as guitar amps, while enabling the musicians to still be in close proximity to one another and remain visual contact.


Simple, yet Powerful Gear Setup


Focusrite ISA828 preamps are in the heart of our recording studio and they provide beautiful sound.
Unlike major studios, in this Miami recording studio you will not find walls of outboard gear and space-occupying audio consoles. There is no need for that anymore. This is 21st century after all. We've got it all inside the computer. Less unnecessary equipment = more space for you to create.

Our practical set up starts with top notch Focusrite ISA828 preamps and converters, a selection of fine microphones and a number of top audio plugins. Monitoring is done through a tuned JBL LSR4300 system that offers crystal clear images of what is being recorded and mixed.

That's all we need to capture the magic of musical performance in its natural form and produce amazing-sounding, world-class results!
Remember, "it is not the arrow, but the Indian!"


Inspiring, Stress-Free Environment


Uber modern simplicity meets vintage character. Grooves Recording Studio offers clean, uncluttered environment that will enable you to relax and let your creativity flow. Enjoy the natural light during the day or we'll set the mood with many of our configurable lights.
Stress-free recording studio environment in Miami, FL.




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