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Professional Audio Mixing

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Professional Audio Mixing services in Miami.

Dynamic, transparent, punchy mixes. World-class quality. 

Get the most out of your raw audio recording by having us mix it. Let us bring your musical vision to life!

You'll receive transparent, clear, warm, dynamic and punchy mixes that will translate to the widest range of stereo playback systems. We'll make sure that every nuance of the performance is heard and not overwhelmed by another part.


It is about the Engineer! 

Your mix will ultimately depend on the engineer's ability to hear details and his taste to make appropriate judgment when leveling tracks. Rest assured that your music will be in right hands with Goran Rista. Goran's enduring commitment to quality in everything he does will ensure that your project gets the personal attention it deserves while keeping your artistic vision in mind.


I'll treat your project the way I would my own!


Right tools for the job combined with critical listening environment means that precise sound decisions can be taken and no detail will go unnoticed.


Minimalistic set up for professional audio mixing.

Minimalist set-up, massive results!

Long gone are days where you need a room full of compressors, FX's and a massive console in order to achieve professional results. We have an equivalent of a million-dollar studio set up right inside this little metal box called computer! Utilizing some of world's most advanced DAW and plugins, we can achieve anything that we imagine.


or, hear how good your music will sound with us:

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Minimalistic pro audio mixing set up, Miami, fl.Impecible Acoustic Mixing Environment

The closer one gets to the audio source the better critical decisions can be made when mixing. We have completely dispensed of a mixing console. Why? We don't need one! Mixing consoles can also negatively affect the sound coming out of speakers by bouncing it and creating "comb-filtering effect".

Instead, at Grooves Recording Studio when sitting in the mixing position, the engineer can hear the most direct sound coming from the speakers enabling him to know exactly what is going on in the mix.
Our studio acoustic treatment was designed by world-renowned acoustician, Ross Alexander.

Our system has been tuned to the room and offers a flat frequency-reponse. That results in mixes that translate to a wide range of playback systems.


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