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Drum Tracking

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Professional Drum tracking services in Miami, Fl. Record your drums in their full glory. 

At Grooves Recording Studio you'll have a world-class drummer and a drum recording expert working for you!

While you can successfully record most of your album in your bedroom, one of the instruments you'll have hardest time trying to record right is drum set. Even in many studios often times you'll end up with average-sounding drums at best.


This is THE place to get your drums tracked in South Florida. 

EarthWorks QTC40 mics are high definition mics that capture drums with the most accurate detail.Specialized tom mounting system on these drums ensures that they resonate to their fullest potential.Top-notch drum set, tuned to perfection, recorded with carefully positioned quality mics and classic gear will make your tracks pop with punch, clarity and dynamics.

 Everyone that has heard beats coming out of Grooves Recording Studio has been blown away. We can't wait to blow you away too!



Configurable Recording Space 

What kind of drum sound do you prefer: dry, medium ambient, huge reverberant or something in between? No problem. Intelligently constructed studio and mic positioning enables us to create a variety of sound spaces.  

Drum tracking is achieved by utilizing 2 separate spaces that are connected via a double set of 9' impact glass sliding doors:

The Main Room and The Live Room

Main drum recording studio room, Miami, FL.

Drum recording studio Miami: the live room.







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Session Drummer on demand

Miami session drummer Goran Rista behind the drums in his recording studio.Need a great drummer? No worries- Goran Rista will nail the groove for you in your music genre. Come over to the studio or join the session remotely over the Internet. Artists from all over the world have benefited from Goran's drum recording services. Efficient reading, performance and versatility will result in THE take much quicker that you'd expect.

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