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Audio Production Services

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We offer a number of services for your convenience to make sure your recording project is completed in its entirety with spectacular results.

Find out more about each of our services by clicking on the pictures bellow.

Vocal recording, record voice-over in Miami, FL.
Vocal Recording
Capture the subtleties of your vocal performance.
Band Recording services in Miami's Recording Studio.
Band Recording
Record your entire band at once or overdub one instrument at a time.
Instrument recording services in Miami, FL
Instrument Recording
Recording your instrument the way it sounds.
Drum recording services in Miami's Recording Studio.
Drum Tracking
Outstanding results for acoustic drum recording.
Professional Audio Mixing in Miami, FL.
Audio Mixing
Transparent, dynamic, punchy audio mixes that translate to widest range of playback systems.
Audio Production Services in Miami, Fl.
Audio Production
We'll take your music production from start to finish.
Audio editing services for music production in Miami, Fl.
Audio Editing
We'll edit your audio and prepare it for mixing.
Session musicians on demand for music production in Miami.
Session Musicians
Take advantage of some of the finest session musicians in South Florida.