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Audio Production & Post-Production

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Audio production services in Miami.

We'll take your project from conception to final mix. We'll help put the puzzle together.


We can achieve successful results in a number of demanding tasks including: 

  • Quantization of audio parts
  • Pitch Correction
  • Time stretching and condensing
  • Virtual instruments sound assignment to MIDI parts
  • Sound Restoration and noise removal
  • Audio to picture sync


We can tighten up your tracks so that they groove better and fine-tune your vocals to sound world-class. We have the tools and knowledge for a wide-variety of tasks.

While individual instrument or vocal parts can sound very hip and cool on their own, sometimes they can be overwhelming or inaudible when played back in context. We can make creative suggestions to help make your music flow better and sound more musical while leaving space for every element in the production to shine.

We have a team of skilled producers in various genres that can work simultaniously to achive desired results before the deadline of large projects.


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